Streamlining implementation and testing for new applications.

Waterfield Technologies (WTI), a leading contact center software and systems integrator providing mission critical voice and conversational AI solutions that drive customer engagement, announces the launch of their JumpStart Services for Genesys PureEngage. Waterfield’s JumpStart Services, acquired as part of the Forty 7 Ronin acquisition, provides a complete services package to help partners certify their AppFoundry applications quickly and efficiently.

The JumpStart program leverages Waterfield’s deep expertise in contact center design and development to help service providers seeking to add their product to AppFoundry, a curated marketplace of integrations and applications for Genesys partners. The program provides a highly experienced development support environment to aid PureEngage developers in establishing a working lab for application testing, integrations, development of mock environments, practice for certification tests and more.

A JumpStart environment offers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to self-deployment and streamlines the development and integration process helping providers get their applications to market faster. Waterfield will set up and host a testing lab and offers training and mentoring on how to utilize the testing environment to achieve the best results while supported by Waterfield’s experienced consultants.

Benefits of Jumpstart

  • Immediate access to a test environment
  • Increase time to market
  • Certify applications in a cost-effective manner
  • Work with Genesys and contact center experts
  • Easily test voice and eServices support
  • Quickly validate product integrations prior to deployment

“We’re excited to continue the expansion of Waterfield’s Genesys practice and begin to enable access to new Genesys partners who are seeking to add their own applications and integrations to AppFoundry. As a “featured” and “essential” solution package by Genesys, the JumpStart program will continue Waterfield’s long history of working with Genesys technology and we look forward to helping other Genesys partners fully utilize the strength of the platform”, said Evan Jones, Vice President of Sales for Waterfield.

You can learn more about Waterfield’s JumpStart program by visiting the Genesys AppFoundry for PureEngage solutions at

About Waterfield Technologies
As a leading technology integrator, Waterfield Technologies is passionate about helping our clients transform their legacy contact center technologies into modern digital powerhouses. We operate at the intersection of customer experience and AI – delivering mission critical IVR applications on leading industry manufacturers including Aspect, Avaya, Cisco and Genesys to conversational Intelligent Virtual Agents aimed at automating phone calls and chats using the same technology that powers IBM Watson and Amazon Alexa.