Enhance the quality of every customer interaction

Design versus user experience

Design is functional.

User experience is an expression or feeling.

The difference between a design fit to serve customers and the experience it provides are uniquely different. Creating an experience for your customers puts your brand out there front and center. It is an extension of your brand and your business culture for the world to see and experience. The way you deliver service and engage with customers depicts the image of your company.

Why is user experience design important?

User Experience Design (UXD) is the process of enhancing your customer’s satisfaction by creating clear, efficient, user-friendly interactions between customers and businesses through a variety of applications. It is more than just using any voice that “sounds good” for your IVR recording prompts or designing an efficient call flow that gets the customer where they need to go or implementing the latest technology like a chatbot on your website. An effective communication interface needs to not only be effectual, easy to use and accessible, but it should also provide a pleasurable experience.

User experience design process

Waterfield offers a focused, three-phase UX design process meant to improve the quality of each interaction a customer has with your company—which then drives increased satisfaction and loyalty.


Who is the user and what are their goals?

Waterfield provides an expert evaluation of usage data, structure, and persona design to enable our specialists to get a clear picture of overall performance. Our approach is very data-driven with real-world results.


What is the best design solution that will address customer needs?

Our experts will focus on examining possible solutions and the delivery of specific recommendations related to detailed call flow dialog design and usability testing.


After implementation, does the design satisfy the customer’s goals?

Testing the design and dialogs are key to ensuring that the recommendations will produce real bottom line results. This includes conducting a pilot test, data monitoring and periodic reviews to ensure that the new design delivers expected performance results.

Our objective for each UX Design project is to improve the quality of every interaction between the user and all areas of your businesses. The results will be obvious: improved usability, better accessibility and the pleasure you have provided during the interaction itself.

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