Multi-factor authentication for every voice

Accurate authentication in real-time

Multi-factor authentication technologies such as voice biometrics, phone printing and tone printing work together to quickly and accurately evaluate caller interactions in real-time providing a secure and optimized experience.

Whether callers choose to self-serve in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system with voice or touch-tone or choose to speak with an agent, the caller’s credentials follow their journey.

Voice biometrics

Passively learn, measure and analyze each caller’s unique physical and behavioral voice characteristics to verify your callers’ identity and flag known fraudsters. Ground-breaking technology eliminates background noises, focusing exclusively on the caller’s voice and quickly identifying a wide range of attacks including voice morphing, recorded voices, as well as synthesized and simulated voices.

Phone printing

Go beyond ANI/CLI validation with phone printing technology that provides complete coverage over any device type. With over 1,300 factors analyzed, accurately determine the caller’s device type, geo-location, and carrier to verify legitimate callers and deter malicious attacks.

Tone printing

Tone printing equips the contact center with the means of learning and storing a customer’s keypress cadence, establishing patterns unique to each caller. Comparing these tone-based signals against known customer patterns authenticates both the caller’s device and behavior and detects fraudulent robotic dialing and account takeover patterns.

Benefits to secure customer interactions

  • Simplify authentication. Deep machine learning technology enables callers to authenticate by voice in under 5 seconds, utilizing natural language in place of pre-determined pass phrases.

  • Increase containment. A stronger multi-factor solution equates to higher call containment rates, empowering customers to complete tasks within the self-service application and reducing time spent with agents.

  • Reduce fraud. Implementing call intelligence and fraud protection for every incoming call, from IVR to agent, reduces fraud risk by up to 80%.

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