PCI Payments

Securely process checking and credit card payments

Are Your Contact Center Agents Handling Sensitive Credit Card Information? Our packaged PCI Secure Payment Platform makes sure that those transactions are safe and secure.


Protect Customer Information and Reduce Risk

Instill customer confidence in your business by protecting against incidences of fraud.  The Waterfield Technologies PCI Platform removes sensitive cardholder data from your network and applications using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Customers do not have to worry that an agent might have access to their banking information.

All companies that process, store or transmit credit card information must maintain a secure environment.  Compliance violations can cost tens of thousands of dollars per month in fines and much more in bad press and lost customers. Using our PCI Secure Payment technology, your business can securely and efficiently process payments.

Improve Agent Effectiveness

Our PCI Secure Payment Platform offers a bonus.  The handle time of the contact center agent is reduced by offering the self-service option for the sensitive credit card input.  Automating the input of information frees the agent to perform other tasks that otherwise might be completed during a post-call wrap-up.


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Waterfield Technologies offers a customized PCI Secure Payment application that can be adapted to the way that you do business.  Let us help you add a sense of payment security for your customers with a free PCI consultation.

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