Workforce Optimization

Tools to manage your omnichannel contact center

Improve customer satisfaction, service levels and employee engagement

Are you looking for more motivated agents, higher quality customer interactions and improved customer experience, all at a lower operating cost?  A Workforce Optimization package for your Contact Center will enhance and improve all aspects of your contact center operations and performance.  It provides supervisors and agents alike with all the tools necessary to effectively manage the entire agent-customer transaction life cycle process.



Ensure effective planning, scheduling and contact center resource management

Delivering a good customer experience starts with motivated employees. Waterfield Technologies’ experts can recommend a customer-centric Workforce Management solution that gives businesses a better understanding of workload distribution for forecasting and scheduling as well as an awareness of overall agent efficiency.  By staffing appropriately to meet your workload and by tracking the adherence of employees to their schedules, businesses can ensure that the right number of people with the right skills are working at the right time.

Utilize quality monitoring

Inconsistent customer transactions in your contact center can result in missed revenue opportunities or worse yet, may even drive your customers away.  Waterfield Technologies offers quality monitoring software as part of the Workforce Management package which allows customer interaction to be evaluated by all parties including supervisor, agent and customer. Automated analytics provide an important part of the overall performance management tools.


Benefits of Waterfield Technologies Workforce Management Solution

  • Increases customer satisfaction with more consistent customer-agent experience
  • Reduces under and over staffing
  • Improves agent engagement
  • Reduces operating expenses and liability risks using advanced reporting framework
  • Provides all stakeholders access to valuable analytics
  • Enables management to identify and address customer and operational issues as well as opportunities in a timely fashion

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