IBM Watson

Enable the brain power of Watson in your contact center for the ultimate in customer service

Watson – a cognitive solution that offers tremendous benefits

Waterfield Technologies has paired with Watson to allow Contact Center customers to immediately begin taking advantage of the cognitive services offered by this groundbreaking technology. Consumers expect to complete their transactions from a variety of digital channels and prefer self-service to speaking to a customer service representative. Watson permits different levels of automated interactions with voice applications and approaches customer service with a new, cutting-edge method sure to satisfy the ever increasing expectations of the millennials.


Watson enriches customer experience

  • Allows customers to quickly present and find resolution to common issues traditionally not handled by legacy IVR systems
  • Increases call completion through tighter natural language understanding
  • Enhances call routing and agent alignment for those calls that must be transferred by leveraging Watson services to match and align caller and agent skill and disposition types
  • Discovers relationships between entities by sorting and filtering large amounts of data
  • Improves speech services to compliment the overall voice user experience
  • Speech to Text converts audio recordings into a textual transcription
  • Multiple language translation of news or conversation can be instantly published

Free Evaluation

Can Watson help you increase your call completion and drive customer service? Our speech team has across the board experience with all speech engines and can assess your current system, recommend adjustments and implement changes. Contact us for a free evaluation of your existing speech-driven IVR application.