CTI for Contact Centers

Boost customer experience with context

Are your customers tired of repeating the same information over and over as they are transferred from one agent to another? We offer a CTI solution that eliminates the need to repeatedly ask the same questions.

Data-Rich Screen Pops

Our CTI routes the customer to the most qualified contact center agent – along with the data relevant to the transaction.  Organized and applicable information is readily available to provide a real-time cohesive picture of the customer and their query.

Screen pops allow the agent to view information and complete business quickly without asking the caller to repeat information they’ve already been asked for.  Pertinent customer data and historic interaction data from all channels can be viewed on the agent’s desktop screen simultaneously for easy access to all of the material they need to optimize each caller’s experience.



Omni-Channel Capability

As the number of customer service touch points have expanded to include chat, text and mobile web, CTI has expanded to incorporate these available options. Providing excellent service requires the ability to pass relevant data to the agent from any channel and across channels.

Busy multitasking individuals expect Contact Centers to serve their needs quickly, efficiently and on their own terms.  Our CTI goes beyond just voice to serve customer’s needs intelligently, with individual customer-specific information.

Dynamic Customer Routing

Waterfield Technologies’ CTI features intelligent call routing. Each call is delivered directly to the agent best equipped to handle the inquiry – along with the data relevant to the transaction.

Throughout the contact, the agent can update account information and, if necessary, transfer the contact and the screen to another agent or supervisor. Customers need not identify themselves to subsequent agents, who are armed with all the information they need to handle the inquiry as quickly as possible. The result is an improved rate of First Contact Resolution, a satisfied customer and a significant savings in time.


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