CX Survey Application

Evaluating Your Contact Center Operations

Discover opportunities to energize contact center agent performance and increase customer loyalty.

Businesses today rely on their contact center agents to provide a consistent and friendly service that offers customers a quick resolution to their needs. What happens when that positive exchange between agent and customer does not take place? What does the unhappy customer do when they don’t get the service they expected or get their issue properly resolved?

The statistics are clear on the subject of dissatisfied contact center callers. Research shows that 65% of customers would cut ties with a brand over a single poor experience. And, it is seven times more costly to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one.

To put it simply, there is a lot riding on each and every customer interaction. For that reason, Waterfield Technologies is partnering with Service Management Group (SMG) to measure and improve the customer experience across every touchpoint. With the expertise of the two companies aligned, your business will benefit with increased sales along with a greater loyalty and satisfaction level.

Our contact center survey, SMG AgentTrack, invites customers to participate in a survey immediately after their experience on any channel—IVR, email, or chat. The survey results are available in real-time on a comprehensive reporting dashboard geared towards either the agent, supervisor or management. Immediate action can be taken to provide agent coaching opportunities and allow adjustments for improvement and/or a more long term study can be implemented through the tracking of performance over time.

Interested in measuring the performance of your contact centers in real-time?

Contact us and we’ll let help you discover the ways to use your contact center to build better customer connections. It’s not an exaggeration: customer expectations are high and customer loyalty is always at stake.