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As an authorized reseller for IBM, Waterfield Technologies teams up with a company that has been proven on the world’s toughest data stage.

Waterfield can guide you through the steps to find out what happens when digital intelligence meets your digital business. The vast resources of IBM are available to Waterfield experts to help you build, market and sell solutions on IBM platforms.

IBM Cloud Data Services

IBM Cloud Data Services is the most complete portfolio of managed services for data and analytics.  It provides a hybrid, open source-based approach that gives every member of the data team self-service access to the right tools for their jobs.  A comprehensive and flexible solution, Cloud Data Services operates on open, hybrid cloud banks across the globe to access a wide range of pre-integrated services based on more than 18 popular open source and IBM technologies.

IBM dashDB

IBM dashDB puts a work-load optimized database at your fingertips.  By choosing either transaction or analytic workloads, Waterfield Technologies can deliver this IBM environment designed to meet your needs.  dashDB configurations can deliver an optimized stack for either data warehousing or transactional needs.  The solution can be fully managed in either the cloud or in a client-managed local deployment.


Delivering consumer satisfaction is no longer as simple as answering a phone. Waterfield Technologies’ engineers can take advantage of the cognitive services offered by Watson and begin driving truly different levels of automated interactions. Among the benefits of using Watson include the delivery of a conversational user experience which allows customers to quickly present and find resolution to common issues traditionally not handled by legacy IVR systems. It also offers increased call completion through tighter natural language understanding.

Waterfield Technologies is an Authorized Reseller for these IBM Solutions:

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