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Waterfield Technologies, a bronze partner of Genesys, delivers the full range of Genesys CX Solutions for better customer experience optimization.

As companies make strides to modernize their contact centers, many simply add more systems and channel solutions to an already fragmented infrastructure. Genesys offers a single software platform that delivers a unified solution suitable for in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid use. The Genesys solution is tailored into three editions, one of which is perfectly suited for your size of business. Based on your needs, Waterfield experts will help you choose between Premier Edition for smaller Contact Centers, Business Edition for mid-sized Contact Centers or Enterprise Edition for larger Contact Centers.

Omnichannel from a Single Platform

The Genesys Omnichannel Customer Engagement solution is able to synchronize multiple channels simultaneously within a single interaction to provide a compelling business outcome.  Leading companies with multi-channel contact centers are moving to the Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Center solution to further their competitive advantage.  With an Omnichannel Engagement Center solution, a company can deliver consistent and personalized customer experiences across all channels and touchpoints.

Workforce Optimization

Companies need to handle each and every customer interaction with care and then deliver services in the most appropriate way. Inconsistent client transactions in your Contact Center can result in missed revenue opportunities or worse yet, may even drive your customers away. Genesys Workforce Optimization solution offers a complete suite of integrated capabilities to accommodate omnichannel customer transactions and the workforce that takes care of them.  Workforce Management is the key component of the solution.  Featuring accurate forecasting and cost-effective scheduling, WFM reduces manual work, increases first contact resolution and improves call center agent productivity. Recording, Quality Management, Agent Coaching and Speech and Text Analytics round out this full service solution for front and back office tasks.

Speech and Text Analytics

Genesys offers a patented “Speech to Phrase” recognition engine which recognizes entire phrases within a conversation, delivering the most accurate and comprehensive speech analytics available today. Most speech analytic solutions rely on speech to text or phonetic conversion engines which lead to oversights of meaning or compliance violations. Genesys combines “Speech to Phrase” recognition with a full transcription for every interaction, providing a 360 degree analysis of cross-channel conversation. The resulting voice analytics data is reliable, precise and complete and immediately actionable without further human intervention.

Conversation Manager

Genesys Conversation Manager captures the history, context and other vital customer information to create an individualized customer experience resulting in an ongoing dialog, regardless of the device it was started on or if it was interrupted at any point. Agents are not required to start from scratch every time they speak with an individual and are able to deliver personalized customer service and make highly informed suggestions or decisions. With Genesys Conversation Manager, a single service can be tracked through a possible sequence of interactions involving contact from voice, IVR, SMS, or email from one individual.

Interactive Intelligence

Genesys recently announced an agreement for the acquisition of Interactive Intelligence, a global leader of cloud and on-premise solutions for customer engagement, communications and collaboration. As a recognized partner of both companies, Waterfield Technologies is well-positioned to offer the highly complementary product lines that provide the broadest customer experience solutions for businesses of all sizes around the world that support billions of customer interactions each year across a range of industries. Interactive Intelligence’s PureCloud, Cloud Communications-as-a Service (CaaS) and Customer Interaction Center (CIC) offer solutions that accelerate business processes, boost performance and enable your omni-channel strategy.

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