The only IVR platform with out-of-the-box integration to your IBM infrastructure


Blueworx is a massively reliable and scalable solution used by some of the largest enterprises and Telcos in the world to deliver interactive voice response (IVR), call routing, unified messaging and voicemail applications.

A division of Waterfield Technologies, Blueworx utilizes a team of technical and support experts with extensive experience building highly usable voice, mobile and messaging applications.

Blueworx IVR Platform

The Blueworx solution, formerly IBM WebSphere Voice Response, was designed for carrier grade reliability, availability and performance in demanding enterprise and Telco environments.  The standards-based platform is optimized to run on both IBM AIX and Linux.  It has a major advantage over other solutions because of its extreme scalability – 53,000 concurrent phone calls in a single 7U BladeCenter and 480 concurrent Voice over IP/SIP connections on a single system instance.  Blueworx applications can run on your premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid deployment model.

Unified Messaging

The management of diverse communications is simplified with Blueworx Unified Messaging.  The solution provides a single view of communications enabling users to centrally retrieve and manage all of the messages over the phone or internet.  Mobile, voicemail, email and fax communications can be securely accessed from virtually anywhere.  Blueworx can connect multiple communication channels to a centralized Unified Messaging system capable of supporting millions of users.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text to Speech (TTS)

Customers do not want to wade through long menus or get stuck in endless IVR loops.  ASR and TTS turn structured IVR interactions into natural conversations.  Customer experience faster, easier access to the information and services they need.  Blueworx supports leading Speech Recognition and Text to Speech solutions including Nuance and LumenVox.

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