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Uniquely focused on the entire contact center ecosystem, Waterfield Technologies combines the best technology with proven process to optimize your contact center with solutions that deliver impactful results.


Support a productive environment that engages employees


Service customer requests with smart options that free your agents


Turn cancelation requests into revenue generating opportunities

Forecast, plan and empower

Enhance productivity across a blended workforce utilizing customer behavior analytics to build forecasts that precisely reflect changing conditions in real-time. A simplified interface and effortless automation allows you to predict spikes and declines, reduce overstaffing and overtime while empowering agents with dynamic schedule options.

Options that inform and engage

Stay connected to your customers while providing up-to-date information on service availability and options. Reach out across multiple communication channels then guide them through an effortless experience that prioritizes high-value opportunities in a personalized self-service environment.

Intelligent self-service automation

Smart automation greets customers personally, quickly recognizes their intents, and then propels callers along the happy path to task completion- consistently and at scale. Whether you’re updating prompts, adding new self-service options, or implementing a virtual agent, the benefits are often immediate and immense including increased containment, reduction in repeat calls and lowering your AHT.

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Jess Zupfer

Customer Support Manager, VP


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